Microsoft Office PowerPoint Basics: Interface

Introduction to Interface

When you’ll open PowerPoint, you will be greeted with Start Screen from which you will be able to create a new presentation, pick a template to use if you so desire, and access your most recent works. (By default, your office theme will be light- dark one is just more convenient for me.)
For now, lease locate and select Blank Presentation from the interface.


You are mainly going to use the Ribbon and Quick Acess Toolbar to perform the things you need to and Backstage View to interact with the document itself.
Moving on.

I. The Ribbon

PowerPoint, like other Microsoft programs, uses a tabbed ribbon system. Basically, the ribbon has multiple tabs and each of those has several groups of commands.
Some of those even have a small arrow indicator that you can click for more options. Yes, even more.

Now if you decide you need to have more space, you can hide the ribbon. In the upper-right corner of the ribbon click Ribbon Display Options.

You will have several options there:
>Auto-Hide Ribbon: maximizes the display and completely hides the ribbon.
>Show Tabs: tabs remain visible but not the commands. To see the commands, simply click a tab.
>Show Tabs and Commands (default): this is what is set by default so you could see everything.

Bonus: Tell Me feature
If you’re struggling to find a command, Tell Me feature will come in handy. It is basically a search function but it allows using command directly from it.

II. Quick Access Toolbar

Located above the Ribbon, it includes Save, Undo, Redo and Start From Beginning commands. It lets you access commands regardless of the currently selected tab and can be customized with more commands.

To add more commands, simply click the drop-down arrow in the Toolbar and select the command you want to add.

III. Backstage View

To access Backstage View, click the File tab on the Ribbon. It allows you to manage your presentations. Options are pretty self-explanatory.

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