Microsoft Office Excel’s 2016 Basics:One Drive


One Drive is Microsoft’s online storage space you use to save, edit, or share your files. And it is accessible in computers, smartphones and other devices you may have. To get started you need set up a free Microsoft account if you don’t have one you can simply create one from

Now once you have a Microsoft account, you’ll be able to sign in to the office, just click at Sign In the upper right corner of the Excel Window

Now You probably wonder when can One drive become handy and useful for you, so here we present to you some benefits from using one drive:

  1. Files access: when you save your files to one drive, you’ll be able to access them from any device, anywhere and you will also be able to create new documents From One drive
  2. Restoring your files: the files saved in one drive are protected, so if something happens to your computer, one drive will keep your files safe and accessible
  3. Sharing: One drive comes also handy when you want to share files, you can also choose whether they can edit the content that you have or read it only, this option is very useful in collars where multiple people can edit at the same time.chcha

Saving /Opening files:

One drive will appear as an option for storage once you’re signed with your Microsoft account, of course, you would still have the option to save your documents to your computers in folders you want, but when it comes to One drive it saves you a lot of time there for you can access any files from any other computer if needed.

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